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Passenger Boarding Bridge

We Supply manufacture and represent an extensive list of products for all Passenger Boarding Bridge Manufacturers, including Safegate, FMC Jetway, Wollard, Thyssen Stearns and replacement parts for all boarding bridges, new/remold solid or pneumatic PBB wheels/tires, electrical, electronic, hydraulic and electro-mechanical parts, Replacement PBB New canopies for all PBB models and makes, PBB cab rubber Bumpers, Safety Shoe for aircraft door protection (redundant aircraft door safety will shut down boarding bridge operations if Auto level fails), Safegate Auto level full New assembly, bellows, kinematics, rubber bumpers, joystick, CC card, ESB, ADB, elevating sliding bridge, Apron Drive bridge, PCA hose & adapter, 400Hz power, seal kits and equipments manufactured to specifications.

New Canopy Size Chart
(supply mearuments & we will supply a competitive price)

Apron Drive Passenger Boarding Bridge & Replacement Parts


Elevating Sliding Passenger Boarding Bridge & Replacement Parts



Safegate PBB Elevating Sliding Bridge New and replacement spare parts

Safety Shoe Safegate
The Aircraft Door Guard Safety Shoe® is a redundant back-up for the Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB) Cabin Auto Level. The Safety should be placed under the open Aircraft Door during Passenger Boarding or Disembarking. Should the PBB auto level malfunction or fail, the Aircraft Door Guard Safety Shoe ® will automatically detect the L-1 passenger door of the aircraft and automatically correct an insufficient gap between the aircraft door and the PBB cabin floor.

  •   The Aircraft Door Guard Safety Shoe® moves the PBB automatically down vertically and away from the Aircraft door.
  •  Simultaneously, when the Auto Level fails, the Aircraft Door Guard Safety Shoe’s® internal sensing strip makes contact with Aircraft door, an indicator light will illuminate and an audible horn will alert the PBB’s operator. The operator can reset or manually operate the PBB.
  •  The Auto Level is reset automatically.
  •  Performs safety functions simultaneously whether the selector switch is in the “Auto Level”, “Off”, or “Auto Level In” mode.

    All electro-mechanical products will eventually fail without any warning, damage to the aircraft door can be very costly (cost of aircraft door repairs can exceed $200,000 as well as loss of revenue to the Airline), hence our Aircraft Door Guard Safety Shoe® will Cost a fraction of the repairs. Furthermore, the Aircraft Door Guard Safety Shoe® will eliminate unnecessary delays to passengers, cancelled flights and enhances overall Passenger & Operators Safety on aircraft.

    Canopies/Bellows Safegate PBB New and replacement


    Kinematics for Safegate PBB replacement canopies Bellows

    Auto Level Unit complete New Design 2005 for Safegate PBB


    Replacement Roller assemblies Safegate Apron Drive Bridge 2 or 3 tunnel PBB


  • Aircraft 400HZ
    Airfield Lighting
    Airfield Signage
    Boarding Bridge
    Docking System
    Other GSE
    PCA Ducts/Hose
    Safety Support
    Smart Power

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