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Aircraft Docking Guidance System
and Related Products

Aircraft Docking Guidance Systems (DGS), (Safedock), Gate Operating Systems (GOS) and all other related products are Safegate Group Brand names. A.C.E.S, Inc. has very close ties and represents Safegate Group's products such as Passenger boarding Bridge (PBB), Loop DGS and other Airport related GSE products and services. Our knowledge and support for Safegate's products is extensive and has been dating since more than two decades. We pride ourselves by representing, promoting and fully supporting Safegate's which is considered a ground braking, innovative leader in the Airport GSE products. To specify your Docking System replacement part or refurbishment needs, please contact us. We will have answers to all your needs.

DGS 2 & 2S.pdf
DGS 3 &3S.pdf

Aircraft 400HZ
Airfield Lighting
Airfield Signage
Boarding Bridge
Safety Shoe
Docking System
Other GSE
PCA Ducts/Hose
Safety Support
Smart Power

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