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Aviation Ducting & Hoses
Pre-conditioned Air (PCA)

Insulated Layflat PCA duct, heavy duty, flame resistant, UV stabilized, PVC coated fabric.

This fabric combines flame resistance qualities with abrasion and low temperature handling capabilities, with excellent flexibility, for roll-up and storage. (See passenger boarding bridge (PBB) bogie attached buckets or Layflat special reels with bogie hitches). Designed with Velcro™ couplings is standard or with heavy duty zipper options. PCA hose with special wear strip has the same characteristics of the standard hose, but the wear strips lengthen the life of the hose against premature wear and tear, dragging or rough use.

Layflat PCA Ducting for Aircraft Pre-Conditioned air

Layflat PCA duct for aviation "air a plane" - Standard or with Wear strip

PCA Aircraft Adapter PVC Kofflin

We recommend using our Specially Designed durable PVC non-corrosive easy to install and maintain Aircraft Adapter (see special accessories)

Model Size
828 8” x 8" short
108 8" X 8" standard
854 8” x 8" x 21" x 45" - 360 swivel type
114 8” x 14" x 14.5"
112 8” x 12" x 16.5"

Aircraft PCA Adapter Replacement Parts

We fully support our products and offer replacement gaskets, latches & handles for our Aircraft PCA Adapters

Starter Section

Starter section also called cuff made of the same quality material as the PCA hose

Conical Reducers

Conical reducers 14” to 6” with Velcro™ connection (zipper type also available). Use with 6" Adaptors


Elbow 45° or 90° designed for best airflow 6” is standard up to 14” I.D.

LayFlat PCA Hose Special Carts & Reels

Aircraft 400HZ
Airfield Lighting
Airfield Signage
Boarding Bridge
Safety Shoe
Docking System
Other GSE
PCA Ducts/Hose
Safety Support
Smart Power

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