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PBB Safety Shoe Aircraft Cabin Door Protection Sensor & Auto Leveler Back-up

The Safety Shoe is a sensor with coiled cable and Black Box Electronics. It functions as a backup to the Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB) Auto-Leveler function. Should the PBB Auto-Leveler fail, the Safety Shoe and Black Box control electronics will automatically lower the PBB Cab floor to avoid damage to the Aircraft Door and Black Box will sound an Alarm to alert the PBB operator or other personnel to the sensor activation.

PBB Safety Shoe ® Product Manual

Click here to download the Safety Shoe ® Product Manual

When the aircraft door is opened and the PBB is set to Auto-Level mode, the Safety Shoe is activated and will sound an alarm to alert and remind the operator to place the “Safety Shoe” sensor under the Aircraft door.

The startup and sensor activation alarm is silenced by the “Alarm Reset” button. At startup (when PBB is set to “Auto-Level” mode), the alarm serves as both a reminder to place the “Safety Shoe” sensor under the Aircraft door AND as a self-test of the “Safety Shoe” sensor and electronics at each operation. Should the self-test fail, the alarm will NOT reset and the operator should then call maintenance.

The Black Box electronics has configurable timeouts for single and multiple sensor activations. This allows adjustments per various Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB) types or as desired on a per gate/PBB basis. The timing adjustments are set according to minimum drop level (single activation) and maximum (multiple activations) so as to avoid damage to the Aircraft Cabin Door.

Safety Shoe Features

The Safety Shoe sensor and Black Box electronics provides backup to the Passenger Boarding Bridge (PBB) Auto-Leveler function and has the following features:

1- Flexible for use on all PBBs equipped with PLC or older relays type.

2- Does not require update of PBB Operator Console PLC re-configuration or re-programming.

3- Automatic self-test at each operation (when PBB is set to Auto-Level mode ON).

4- Self-contained alarm not coupled to the general PBB-alarm.

5- Adjustable timeouts for single and multiple Safety Shoe sensor activations.

6- Easy to install, plug & play and is portable/transferrable to any other PBB's. Installation takes 1-2 hours, using our bridge interface DIN-RAIL PC board will expedite installation within less than 1 hour.

Safety Shoe Operator Instructions

The Safety Shoe Boarding Bridge Auto-Leveler Backup and Aircraft Door Protection is simple to operate and provides a self-test functionality on each use. The operational procedure at each aircraft docking is as follows:

1. Place the Safety Shoe sensor under the aircraft door after opening (between the door and Bridge floor).

2. Set Bridge to Auto-Level mode. This simultaneously powers-up and activates the “Safety Shoe” and “Black Box” electronics (note that “Power” LED is On).

3. When the ALARM sounds, confirm the aircraft door is safely above the PBB-floor then push the RESET button to acknowledge and silence alarm (The alarm will stop automatically if not reset/confirm deployment of Safety Shoe within 45 seconds from activation). The self-test functionality is performed by the alarm being silenced indicating all is OK and the Black Box is actively monitoring the Safety Shoe sensor.

4. If the ALARM signal continues without "Safety Shoe" sensor activation or there is any safety concern to the aircraft door, call service or maintenance. This indicates a problem with the Safety Shoe sensor, its cable, or the Black Box electronics AND in need of maintenance attention and the “Safety Shoe” setup cannot be used until corrected.

Unit Pricing 2020 US$ FOB our warehouse:

Safety Shoe & Black Box (any voltage) for Catering & Aircraft Service Trucks (older version PCB): $2,695.00

“New Standard version” Safety Shoe sensor & Black Box: $3,495.00

“New Enhanced version” (with Aircraft detection) Safety Shoe sensor & Black Box: $3,995.00

PBB to Safety Shoe Interface kit DIN Rail, mounts inside PBB control enclosure: Voltage and wiring supplied for any type PBB’s: $695.00

Cables for DIN Rail PBB interface Kit (4) pre-assembled and labeled: $195.00

In Stock pending prior sales otherwise 3 weeks ARO.

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